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wow, I leave for a few hours and...

now I'm way behind on the conversation.

Let me justify my stance that a "better tax" is a step in the right direction, even if it isn't "no" tax.

for the sake of discussion, consider the RP "plan" for social security / medicare, as presented in the primary debates about a year ago. Instead of taking the hard core the Austrian / libertarian answer to those sorts of programs (eliminate them ASAP) he recognized that rather than jump in full steam and say "lets eliminate social security" he said "we can make those programs solvent if we eliminate needless spending".

Is that sort of short term compromise "giving up on restoring the constitution" ... of course it wasn't. It was recognizing that you need to start moving in the right direction, and you HAVE to have the support of the general population before you can make real change. AND the general population isn't ready to end social security and medicare.

Well, they also aren't ready to give up ALL government spending in one big shot. So, picking a tax method that moves the right direction ... seems like a decent next step to me.

There are 100 years of bad ideas to unwind. Its not going to unravel by 2016. Just because I am willing to fight the long fight doesn't mean I don't want the same thing. But I will say, its a lot easier to have hope when you don't have EVERYTHING riding on the next election cycle. I've accepted the fact that it'll take time. That doesn't make me a big government apologist.