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Comment: Oh THAT non-aggression

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Oh THAT non-aggression

Oh THAT non-aggression principal.. ha. Are you kidding me? You're like a deer in the freaking headlights. If you'd just stayed quiet, you could have at least preserved the dignity of having learned a valuable lesson and actually started to understand the philosophy you've choosen to base your life around. But no. You had to keep going. So congrats, you've brought your cluelessness into vivid new focus once again with another troubling error (not to mention obscene insults against Ron's kid. Im sure that would please the father of our movment). Ill try once more to cure your illiteracy of natural law. Though I have a feeling its a lost cause.

America wasn't founded on agression or passivity. Our founding fathers were acting in self defense of their rights which were activly being stripped from them by a ruthless tyrant. The colonists however stayed true to natural law for the most part. They paid back injustice with apropriate action. When liberty and property were infringed, they took from the Brits liberty and property in one way or another (Boston Tea Party? Hiding prohibited activity using deception from unjust laws). When the Brits escalated and began drawing blood, the founding fathers repaid murder with revolution. Self defense at every level of offense without crossing the line by becoming the aggressor. Self defense is not aggression.

You should just stop. The more you type, the stupider you look. You're a troll and clearly do not grasp the freedom movement nor grasp natural law and our founding documents. That a guy like you dares to contradict any one of us involved in the retaking of our country based on your incorrect perceptions of breaches in a code you don't even understand is just sad.

At this point, I feel bad for you. Look, im sorry about all the mean stuff I said. I know finding out you have been wrong about key points of a philosphy you based your life on must be hard. Don't get discouraged though, you can still learn if you apply yourself. Im there for you buddy. If you need a shoulder to cry on while you absorb these things and begin the slow process of finally understanding what it is to be a free man charged with the protection of your own rights, ill be there for you. If you want to coninue being a 2% Martyr following a broke ass code that disarms you and makes you a collectivist's bitch though, I can't help you.