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No, that's not all these psychologists are saying.

They're suggesting a name change of something where the change would blur that which they purport to want "understanding" of.

Pedophilia isn't simply being attracted to an under age person. It has to do with sexual interest and urges for prepubescent children.
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If these psychologists were really seeking "understanding" regarding the disorder, they certainly wouldn't be trying to blur the meaning with some watered down term that would also encompass others who are not pedophiles.

As for your assertion of hysteria...

The article stated "..the group’s goal is to create tolerance for and a better understanding of people who have an attraction to children."

Why is society beiing asked to tolerate inappropriate things? There is something to be said for self-control and personal responsibility. If someone is having inappropriate, irresistable urges, I do not need to tolerate it and would prefer avoidance.

Call it hysteria if you want. I call it good sense.