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Who is this Truth Movement?

First off...who is this "truth movement" you speak of? Specifically the ones who misled you? If you did as you claim and examined the evidence yourself, then who is responsible for the conclusions you draw, false or otherwise?

I will agree there are theories out there that are devoid of all facts, but it is up to you to decide what to believe. I fail to see it as a single "Truth movement" with agreed upon evidence vs. the establishments story. So while you may have found dishonest theories, does that mean all theories must be false?

I am interested in the truth. We will never know that in its entirety. Even if that truth is that our government was incompetent and nothing more. If there are good facts out there to explain all the inconsistencies I am open to them.

I am interested in the evidence that you have uncovered that explains how WTC7 came down. And which NIST theory are we working off? As I said I am open to truth, and if you have facts that I have not seen, I would research them, and admit my error, if that is the case.