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There has been a lot of hostility lately. At times it bothers me. Other times, I know that many of us are on the same side and just venting frustration. Me included.

I know that this place is frequented by neocons and leftists. What I can't undestand is how some of the Liberty folks stood by principle and cheered Dr. Paul for his solid stances, yet now are willing to sacrifice some of those attributes just to inch ahead. This movement has grown because people have had enough of the bickering and compromise behind closed doors. They see a refreshing sign that this movement can mean something if we stick to principle and honesty.

But now it seems that some consider we who stand by our convictions of Liberty, honesty and not wavering, as anarchists, or worse.

I am afraid NOT of the establishment, for if we stand strong and principled we CAN prevail. What I am afraid of is this movement becoming what it strongly opposes. I fear that if we begin to compromise our values and principles just to inch ahead, it will be a one-term presidency before the cycle repeats. I am afraid that 2007 - 2012 will be considered a fad and simply fade away. Ron Paul has stood the test of time. But it did take time. Dr. Paul is considered a visionary, which I believe. But I also believe that we too can be visionary if we just pause and think, and consider what we want our message to be. In all of our Republic's history, this r3VOLution has the potentiasl to be the largest movement this nation has ever seen.

I wish you well Unknownuser, as I do for all of us, in and for Liberty.

For others who read this post... you can not be an anarchist if you follow the Law of the Land ie: The Constitution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul