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Thanks for response

And I got my negative votes. I somewhat understand the sentiment behind a negative vote regarding my post. However some may not fully understand my way of thinking (which may be wrong in which case someone could correct me or help me understand it better, rather than simply a negative vote which I figured I would get - no insult to you godfreeus).

If he can continue to draw crowds of 5-10K, that's not too bad. I just sincerely worry that kids won't pay that amount of cash say if only 1000 people show up. That's $50 a person.

Like I wrote I can't wait. And Dr. Paul is certainly entitled to that amount being a speaker. But I don't want the whole movement to flop, our future being these college age young adults. The movement must flourish and we need to educate our youth.

How is this going to be paid for? If it's by the schools I think it's pretty much the best $50K being spent. But if the schools charge the students, it will trickle down which I think Dr. Paul himself was against to a degree. Although $50K is chump change compared to what he spoke about.

As long as Dr. Paul gets the cash he deserves and the cost to the students is worth it, that's good. I just don't understand if the schools will cover it or if they will charge the students. If the school pays for it, for a 5K student unit that's only $10 per student per year, which is totally worth it. But if the schools are shysters and make it a paid event, that's not good.

Dr. Paul isn't a rock star. He's a decent politician and a good and professional person, and should be treated as such.

I apologize for not understanding the Uni system, again, I could not afford to go to a University and don't believe in credit cards or student loans and thus why I never went.

How it will be paid for is my biggest hurdle. That's what I wonder about. I'm all for tons of lectures at universities. These people are our future. They need to study austrian economics as well as good politics and our current financial system. They are gonna get hit pretty hard but I think the kids 10 years younger are gonna get hit worse if they pursue a University college experience. Their parents will get hit with the brunt of course. But what about other speakers as well? I know that doesn't interest us but maybe you have some idiot speaking for $200K? Add that on.

Never once did I allude to Dr. Paul's speaking agreements being a bad thing unless the students pay per "ticket". I'm just worried the schools will receive him as some sort of rock star for a very limited period of time and the interest running out and the schools charging to hear his lectures.

Again, please excuse my ignorance. I was only blessed with enough money (none) to go to community college (from working two jobs and sleeping two hours a night in my car) and carry no debt in my whole life. Everyone I know my age still carries debt upwards of between 10K-over 100K, not including a mortgage, school only.

Could you help explain how it will be paid for and by whom? If it's a lousy $10 per student I could care less. If it is a pay for event I think that's incorrigible. I think Dr. Paul would think the same. You don't pay $50 to see a "rock star" politician which he isn't. He's Dr. Paul. Hopefully this makes sense so I don't get many downvotes. I didn't care in the initial but I hope people get me this go round.

Please don't mistake my curiosity for negativity.

It's curiosity, not negativity fueling these posts. Please keep that in mind. Please don't downvote curiosity. Please answer like godfreeus did if I missed something. Which I did, but I doubt the poster (he/she) downvoted me. I'm honestly curious. Just because I'm not the smartest knife in the drawer (compared to the Uni systems paying 50K) doesn't mean stone me without any rhyme or reason.

Chances are I am not understanding something. Never went to Uni but I've heard Dr. Paul speak out about overspending at Uni's and the student being unable to pay their debt.