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Read the Book

Hate on it if you like, but read the fair tax book before you knock it.

the point in the fair tax is to eliminate all of the other ways we get taxed, not add another one.

also, the goal is to eliminate government favoritism of specific industries, and special loopholes for politically well connected corporations.

I'm not saying its the greatest tax ever, I just don't want it to be represented.

One benefit I see is that, if everyone sees the tax at every transaction, they will be more interesting in voting for politicians who want to limit the spending ... its harder to squander money that people see you stealing. The current tax code hides taxation in so many ways it makes a lot of people think they are getting more than they are paying.

honestly, I know people who think that because they got a tax return, they didn't pay taxes. its hard to talk someone like that into the idea that they DONT want the government to raise taxes so they can do MORE for you.