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Recent studies have found GMOs to cause in lab animals: gigantic tumors, downline generation sterility, birth defects and DNA alterations, among other biological anomalies. No long term independent testing has been done to determine what long range effects GMOs may have on humans, animals, bees and other insects, or the water supply. Some pesticides sprayed on food have been shown to cause a wide range of illnesses and birth defects, and the actions (and lack of action) of our government with regard to food safety have lead to a situation where the public has no idea what they are eating or feeding their children. I am in favor of individuals assuming responsibility for their choices; I also believe that government (state government) has a duty to protect the public (as much as possible) from the kind of havoc being inflicted on people as the result of deliberate misinformation from the drug and agricultural industries. The victims are everyone who believes the food is safe when the producers know it is not, or when Swat teams raid raw milk dairies with guns, or when HFC gets added to 80% of what most people eat, even though it's been proven to be damaging to human health.

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