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Comment: So you agree with me, assuming planes did hit the WTC.

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So you agree with me, assuming planes did hit the WTC.

I would like to see them re-open the investigation, on why the debris was just hauled away. I want answers for the fire fighters saying bombs were going off while the building was coming down. There were lots of reports of left over bombs in the streets.

Then lets move on to the hijackers training in this country under the watch of the Feds. Why was a federal agent fired trying to expose the truth on a would-be hijacker in Minneapolis. They could have stopped the whole thing before it happened.

Also you will never get to the bottom of this unless you talk about the real criminals that were in the white house at the time. If you think Bush was just a puppet you better do some research on the Bush family. The Bushes are right there with the Rockefeller's and Rothschild

These are just a few of the questions I have!

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