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Comment: i didn't use a ton of fruit either

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i didn't use a ton of fruit either

but too much I found out. I could survive on fruit and nuts. Found out that fruit is high in sugar and nuts are hard too digest. My digestion and elimination suffered. I'm not going to argue that it all didn't taste good. That high we get after carbs quickly fades and it's difficult to look at it logically when under the influence.

Theory is that high quality fats (like coconut oil and butter) and moderate protein (animal) and low carbs will allow the body to chelate out all that is foreign to it. Via pee and poop and sweat and even through pimples, dandruff and rashes.

Raw milk is healthy for a healthy person but it is high in sugar and it does contain the lactase for digesting the lactose present in milk. I really like raw grass fed cream and milk but I leave it alone yet as it does make me constipated.

Here is what I have found to be a better "smoothy". 4 cups hot water, 4 eggs, half teaspoon of sea salt, teaspoon of licorice, cinnamon, ginger, 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup coconut oil and in the blender and blend.

Drink it hot or let it cool. Lots of great fat and protein and low carbs and give it awhile and see if you like it. Stays with you and doesn't drop you and gives your temple what it needs to throw out what isn't needed and in fact causes all kinds of trouble. And you may know of that trouble.

Good Luck.