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Well, I'm definitely for that,

and the video makes a great point. A private group, like United Laboratories (UL), that rates food would be much better than the government "organic" stamp, which is under constant attack, to loosen standards, and makes the point of the video, with which I agree wholeheartedly. However, there is no turning back. Spreading the frankengenes is destroying our agricultural heritage at a rapacious rate, and the companies have control of the federal agencies, and the universities. The fight is also a governmental fight. The yearly farm bill completely determines agricultural markets, and can crush the small farmers. It's economic and political warfare on the biosphere. I don't think GMO should even have a place in the free market. No company has the right replace thousands of insect species with species they "own" in the name "free markets". Do you think there should be a free market in mosquitoes? How does the free market handle an invasion of engineered lifeforms?