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Comment: Hi beeman,

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Hi beeman,

I agree with you that is was reported that planes hit the WTC, on all TV channels, on all radio stations and in every newspaper, over and over and over again. Would it have been possible with any more reporting?

No, not interested in an i investigation into why the rubble was just hauled away. I don't believe that this operation involved a conspiracy to murder, and all the other crimes have now expired (I guess). If you demolish your own buildings without permit, you will only be fined anyway. We know why the rubble was removed so quickly. It would have reviled that the buildings were demolished. So if it is reported that firefighters heard bombs, well, I guess the demolition created some noise, like bombs, so not interested.

Again, it was reported that an agent was fired. They need to keep the story alive, and have to create reports all the time so that we don't forget that there is a terrorist under every rock. Fortunately the Government will protect us.

Bush may have been the Chairman for this operation, but he will be dead before we can get to him, and we would have had several other puppets in the meantime. New puppet will protect the old one, and the policy really never changes. The puppet masters have longer service time than the puppets usually.

Wish we could talk about these dubious commercial plane crashes 911, and other important stuff. Don't like these discussions inside the virtual reality they have created for us. You still have a TV BTW?