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Comment: That is the "nose-out" shot.

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That is the "nose-out" shot.

That is the "nose-out" shot. There is a lot of discussion on whether or not he was in on it. One of the guys, maybe "Genghis" called him or tried to call him about it. I forget how it turned out.

Right, someone basically got that footage and made the composite image with the aircraft in it. The helicopter drifted too far to the left and thus the "plane" went out the other side and someone reacted by cutting the feed for a second (either that or it occured because the tower with the communications link exploded).

When they showed this footage later in the dy around the world, they put a banner over the impact point so people couldn't see the plane come out the other side of the buidling.

I also think FOX removed this video from the archives. I saw it before they removed it.