Comment: That's crap. And I am tired of hearing it.

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That's crap. And I am tired of hearing it.

If you have two parties that are in competition and you say "Party A Must do X", but then when it comes time to say "Party B Must do X" you scream "socialism" or similar non-sense.

The fact is that companies like Monsanto take EXTREME advantage of the government to do EVERYTHING that they do, but then turn around and try to to hide behind the skirts of the libertarians when they are expected to pony up.

If companies are required to list ingredients, genetic material IS an ingredient, and therefore to keep the play field fair, must be stated just like any other ingredient.

Either that, or eliminate the government requirement for ALL labeling. But to say, "everyone must", oh, except Monsanto because now, on one issue we want to be libertarian.

Bullcrap... The requirement should be applied to ALL or NONE. Period.

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