Comment: Maybe they aren't all corrupt after all?

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Maybe they aren't all corrupt after all?

Edmnd, no doubt there are plenty of dishonest cops that are more criminal than anyone they arrest. But maybe there are still a few out there that truly wish to "protect and serve"?

As far as pulling over the guy in the first place, well, the sticker was expired, and the guy even owned up to it--he took responsibility, didn't make excuses. Apparently, the officer respected that, in addition to feeling compassion. I'm sure most police departments do have unofficial "quotas" they are expected to fill--much more profitable than say, saving lives.

So, yes, I'm sure the officer was pulling the guy over to help keep his job, whether we like that aspect of it or not. But I would much rather have a lot of police officers like this in my community, than the kind that get off on the power trip.