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Same here. Plus, food for thought (pun intended) :

Same here.

Plus, food for thought (pun intended) :

what's the point of having a federal government deciding what and how to label for whom and when, anyway ? Has anyone asked the naive, genuine question ?

How come the MARKETS, themselves, cannot decide that for consumer and producers ?

Point 1.

Here's the ugly truth : pure over-regulation making. To justify the system. More bureauCRAPS, that's all what can be created eventually.

Point 2.

And EVEN ASSUMING there is ANY legitimate reason to surrender to the federal government the responsibility of this or that labeling without discussion and thru the force of neverending laws and sophisticated regulations :

point 2.a) how can ANYONE be gullible enough to think that it won't prevent - ANYWAY - powerful cronies with big funds leverage to find or craft whatever loop holes serve them in over complicating texts that require ARMIES of lawyers to be only READ ?

point 2.b) where does someone draw the line in the sand re: accuracy, from a scientific standpoint ? They force to list fats vs. sugars vs. proteins. They force to have mentioned whether the factory processed or not peanuts (for people allergic to nuts - like my son). Fair enough ... but wait. And we are supposed to believe that a free market couldn't have figured that out, AT ALL ?

This makes no sense. How can the regulation makers predict whether this or that type of equipment in the supply-chain factories should also be taken into account or not ?

The markets are almighty when they are free : just as for price discovery, I would bet my right arm that we would have saved LIVES if the markets, THEMSELVES, had found out about the hazards re: this or that, rather than waiting for all these sacred regulations to be updated in nonsensical administrative processes ... about which by the way, VERY FEW people have the slightest clues of what they consist in and WHO are REALLY making them...

My .02


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