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Comment: DOWN-VOTE this trash. I'll explain why...

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DOWN-VOTE this trash. I'll explain why...

(After you read this, watch the first 12 minutes of the film and tell me I'm wrong.)

I am part german, part french, and part Irish. I have nothing against germany or germans.

But this "friendly look at Hitler", was narrated by a German. That's not an indictment, but that DOES mean, that this isn't necessarily a documentary we should just swallow as we see it. My first red flag went up in the first 3 minutes with the first point of the movie:

Germany after WW1 was in a tough spot economically. Hitler brought socialism - and watch the propaganda film to prove how happy and gay the people were with hitler! see them dance in the parks? PLEASE - You know what those old propaganda films said? THEY SAID THE SAME THING THIS DOCUMENTARY IS SAYING: germany was GREAT under hitler's socialism. STRIKE 1.

Then the movie moves onto its next topic: The justification for Hitler REKINDLING the German War Machine. They say: "Well, france made a "mutual assistance pact" with the soviets, which according to this movie was "clearly directed at germany." (no evidence offered or details of the pact) But this movie asserts that THAT PACT nullified the "No Military Force" parts of the Versailles Treaty - so Hitler was RIGHT to move troops into the Rhineland. STRIKE 2.

This movie doesn't prove hitler's motives, no evidence is EVER presented that proves "this is the way hitler was thinking." This movie is just an ASSERTION as to what he was thinking....and in many parts of the first 12 minutes this movie uses phrases like: "Hitler was proven right." or "Hitler was RIGHT in his move to...." see, those are ASSERTIONS, not explanations with evidence.

I turned the movie off when they further tried to drive this justification home, thusly:

"According to treaty of Versailles, EVERYONE was supposed to disarm, not just Germany. So when germany disarmed, and no one else did....Hitler was RIGHT to get that war machine BACK IN ACTION."

Yeah, ok - why don't you go fuck yourself.
You tried to start WW1, don't tell me you need a defensive military 10 years after YOU STARTED WORLD WAR 1.

When you start a world war, you don't deserve weapons for A CENTURY.

Down-Vote this Hitler-Loving, Socialist-Leaning, propaganda piece - constructed and narrated BY A GERMAN attempting to do an american accent.

DECEPTION, from start to finish.