Comment: I have never FB'd but I really hear you on the other side of

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I have never FB'd but I really hear you on the other side of

your post- people want to take the blue pills. It's a nightmare. I don't know what you can do. Sounds like you tried. You'd think that they would want to know if the house was on fire or if the kids were eating and being injected with poison. I did see something interesting recently.. a psychologist explaining why Americans will not face the truth- (this was about 911 and was actually on acess tv). They can't change their worldview, they cannot leave that comfortable place where they believe that x could never happen here, because this is America. She says that Americans suffer from a dangerous lack of humility- they think that they are exceptional. Americans believe that their government will protect them. If you send out some info on Libya, vaccines, or fluoride.. Well, that's not 100% positive. If you tried to send Ron Paul links, you might get a reply with a puppy dog. As if, here, here is something soft and fuzzy. And they may have asked in the middle of the summer.. "Ron Paul. Is he still running?" So annoying! Scotty beam me up. There's no intelligent life here.