Comment: Why I would mistrust vaccines.

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Why I would mistrust vaccines.

1) possibly, the most obvious fact about health is that the body must consist of what is ingested and eliminated.

2) Medical doctors are not intensively trained in nutrition. (I had this confimed by a surgeon with royal title for his work in health after raising it with him after I'd read it in works of my famous nutritionists. My question was "I heard that doctors get about 7 -14 days training on nutrition in the course of their formal education, as a general rule". Surgeon: "If they are lucky".)

Joel Wallach has done considerable survery of this and come up with a figure of doctors' life expectancies to be "average population in 1st world countries -20 years.

In my opinion, it is because their business and industry has been hijacked by big pharma.

My conclusion: use doctors for what they DO know because they are the best at it. a) mechanical repairs (b) suppression of symptoms if needed (because of emergency, long term neglect of nutrition, or to keep working to survive, etc.) (c) life support (for similar reasons as in (a)) (d) delivering babies (careful if you are in the US, interventions at last check were about 4 times higher than in Europe).

Do NOT use them to attain and maintain general health, and do the damage repair after the meds that they have used (which most often mimic or block known nutrients -- otherwise the body would not know how to process them as opposed to what it has encountered along its evolutionary line)