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Here's the name

Columbia Party

Main planks of platform:
1)State Power - returning unconstitutional federal powers to the states
2)Constitutional war - requiring declarations of war as well as more oversight over clandestine activities

3)Financial transparency - audit the Fed, audit the big banks, persecute fraud, persecute misbehavior (funding human trafficking, drug trafficking, al qaeda)

4)Tax Reform - make the system less convoluted, more transparent, more fair

5)Privacy and civil liberties - duh

6)Compromise via federalism - legislation allowing for states to adopt a multi-state/blue-state single payer option, others an interstate, individually tax deductible, free market plan.

Takers? I guess there have to be 'leaders'. The problem is that so many of these leaders are sell-out. In order to gain exposure you have to lose credibility.

And yet, for some reason big ideas have little traction on DP.