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Breath of Fresh Air

Your post is a breath of fresh air. Most people who comment with disagreements over the so-called "fair" tax post the obvious complaints that are discussed in detail in the book, thus adding little actual new discussion on the topic. Its good to read a post from someone who is actually familiar with what was proposed so there can be discussion rather than needlessly re-wording what was outlined quite clearly for anyone who is willing to spend an afternoon or two reading. Thank you.

I agree on the pre-bate, but its not a deal breaker for me. if the pre-bate is required in order to make the fair tax "progressive" enough to be palatable to the general electorate, I can cope in order to get it in place because fixes so many other things.

I also agree on the "revenue neutral" standpoint, starting at 23% is absurd. But I believe that most people will recognize that it is absurd, and demand that we reign in the spending. And adjusting down the tax rate is "easier" with a sales tax than it is with what we have today. in a Sales Tax system, you simply say ... the new tax is 20%, and a couple years later .. 18, and you work your way down. Where as, Under the current system, you have fiscal cliff negotiations and talk about which bracket to cut (or not cut) and by how much, and you have people grandstanding about unrelated topics while other people create the loopholes that will undo whatever adjustments are being put into the tax code in order to protect their special interests.

I'm also on board with complete elimination of direct taxation of the general public at the Federal level, but that is only possible AFTER there is enough spending cuts that it becomes sustainable. and, AFTER we have sound money, or we'll all pay that 23% (or more) via the inflation tax.

The first step to "suffocating" the government from all of its needless spending is to get the vast majority of Americans to view government spending as THE PROBLEM in our economy rather than the solution. I personally am open to discussing any sort of proposal that has a decent chance of making that happen.