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interesting observation

I didn't notice this was a 2 year old thread.

But honestly, it is as applicable today as it was then.

Personally, I'm a conspiracy theory junky. I love any and all conspiracy theory, and I believe that most of them are true (or based on truth) even if some of the details are out of sync ... which is to be expected when they are reconstructed with severely limited direct information.

However, I don't generally get involved in the conspiracy theory discussions, and I don't think they are good for the movement. 30 years ago, Dr Paul was very much a part of the JBS, and actively involved in the discussion about the conspiracy of the day. Whether the theories were correct or incorrect, you will notice that he stopped "pushing" them.

Instead, he pushed on fighting the clearly visible problems in our system rather than the hidden ones. I think this is something we as a group should also do. There are plenty of sites out there discussing the conspiracies around us, there are not plenty of sites seeking liberty.

Dr Paul focused is efforts on educating people on what it means to be free again. I personally intend to make that my focus.