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A kick start may be crucial to early development

Now that I think about it, my wife's point about the birth canal's importance for early health is primarily that the squeezing in the birthing process helps clear the breathing passages of residues. The intense stress also forces all systems to "kick-start" particularly the antibody defenses.

C-section babies do not get their passages cleared, nor do they get a "kick-start". Add to that brain stimulation by skull elongation, and one gets a picture of why so many babies may be prone to developmental disease these days.

Which makes me wonder about Scientology babies. Remember all that fuss about Katie Holmes' deliveries, with Tom Cruise jumping on a sofa to ensure an utterly silent, stress-free birth? I won't bother researching whether she had c-sections but I wonder what the rate of developmental disease is among the scientologists?

I bet the parents are older anyway, which promotes autism.

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