Comment: Labeling is superficial

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Labeling is superficial

If GMO foods represent an increasing perversion and corruption of our food supply, these these strains are indeed working their way through the food chain we have to ask ourselves whether private property rights are superior to human life.

And we have to ask what are the limits of private property. Can I own the air? I can certainly pollute it. Can I buy endless amounts of land and turn it into a toxic waste dump? That happens to pollute your water?

Do I have a right to purchase and own genetic strains that have been under careful production by humans for tens of thousands of years and change them to benefit me and disadvantage you?

Libertarianism historically holds we have remedy in the courts but the world keeps becoming more polluted.

Do unborn generations have any rights vis-a-vis nature? Do they have a right to non toxic soil, drinkable water, the songs of birds in the morning? Do they have a right to see a wild deer or a flower?

Or does capitalism mean we get to deprive anyone of anything we wish?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.