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topic keeps being brought up and i understand why some libertarians would question this like this video does.

But in a libertarian society people are protected against fraud by the federal government. I can't sell you nutmeg when it's really salt - that's called fraud. So with GMO's the companies have gone through the rigorous process of patenting a living thing (they patent their seeds). In order to get a patent you must prove that the product is substantially different from other products with a similar function....meaning they aren't the same. So that would mean a GMO apple is not the same thing as an apple - otherwise you wouldn't be able to patent it. So it's fraudulent to claim they are the same and label it as such - this is where the federal government steps in....cases of fraud - which this is.

Another example of why the federal government should step in - property rights. Governments are supposed to protect property rights. GMO genes are a pollution that are cross pollinating with local farmers crops who want their food to be organic or GMO free (sometimes from miles away). Like Ron Paul says- the federal government has a responsibility when it comes to matters such as this - you can't go dump chemical waste in someone's yard because of property rights.

But to some extent there are already companies doing what this video suggests. If people really want to avoid GMO foods they can right now - but i look at the fight has a fraud and property rights issue - so IMO this video is very wrong.