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rpazzer not being nickpicky but...

Newton was an extremely devout Christian who wrote more on biblical Chronology (history) than he ever did on Scientific matters. In fact he wrote an amazing commentary on the book of Daniel as well (There is no reason why a "social believer" would spend more years writing about something he was not passionate about, than what he was most famous for. BTW, just fyi, he believed the world was created in 4000 B.C. so He may have been a man of his times, but he was extremely devout. Mendel was a devout Catholic and many of the "fathers" of specific scientific fields were devout Christians. We can all argue about whether they were christians b/c of their times, but it can also be argued that many of the worlds brilliant scientists today are agnostic or athiestic b/c of the times in which they live. We should not discount or belittle social reasons for belief OR non-belief .

But I totally agree on Einstein, I think ppl need to stop using him as an example of "believing" scientists. He was an agnostic. He had several quotes that were misleading in that manner.