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Knowledge is power

I've thought a lot about this issue simply becuase I have a food allergy that isn't one of the ones required to be put on labels. Luckily its only a mild allergy, so I can find out what specific foods are a problem by trying them.

But it seems that a company selling me a product should be required to disclose what it is that they are selling, as well as what processes they use to produce it. To not do so seems like fraud.

It seems that a free person should have access to knowledge of what is going into his or her body. Its part of telling people that they are responsible for their own choices, good or bad. If I DON'T KNOW what I am eating how can you expect me to take responsibility for my life.

I personally am of the opinion that the government should get out of checking whether or not food is up to THEIR standards, and instead just make sure that food is up the the standards that the producer CLAIMS it lives up to.

It should be extremely easy for a person to find out exactly what the food producer SAYS is in the food, and how its made. Anything less than that is legalizing lying and deceit, which is not good for liberty.

The concept of liberty is not that everyone is allowed to do whatever they please and sell whatever they please. The concept of liberty is that you are allowed to do whatever you please ... until it could harm someone else. And, how can you avoid potentially harming someone else better than to disclose what it is you are selling them, and let them accept responsibility for themselves.