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No plan is perfect.

But, Your objections to it are not logical enough for me to have any way of knowing that you understood what I said.

Any organization, to survive has to have a core of inviolate rules or else it is just a mob. How would you know what you are joining or supporting?

If they are in place co-ordinated action on the main principles is possible -- without it, increasingly impossible.

It also enables refutation of actions of the new equivalent of RINO.

You have clearly confused the idea of insisting on firm agreement with a small set of inviolate principles arrived at by an appropriate survey (the whole purpose of the plan) with the enormous, prevaricative, confusing and ill-intentioned polcies of the EU. Your misagligned, emotional response (apparently based on a universe-wide, loosely assigned, self-definition of the phrase "swear allegiance") has led you to oppose the opposite of what they stand for, if you stop and think about it (which you clearly did not do the first time around).

And you have missed the obvious fact that you must join something to be part of it, probably through similar reasoning.

Beleive it or not "must" can be used without connotiations of coercion. "I must be free to be happy".

That kind of surface understanding of what has been said while reacting to self-assigned definitions of words or phrases is largely what allows the MSM to so easily manipulate those who do not examine concepts attentively.

"Cream of the crop" in the context that I used it was clearly to the people with the best performance in applying the appropriately surveyed fundamental points. God alone knows how you managed to twist it to equate to the EU and the Nazi party. I can understand now why RP had to keep repeating the same things over and over for 30 years before some people understood them.