Comment: "People have become such a liability to nature."

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"People have become such a liability to nature."

I profoundy disagree with your statement accusing, damning and claiming that, "PEOPLE have become such a LIABILITY to NATURE".

PEOPLE ARE NATURE. When you look at the adverage person, they consume very little and produce very little waste. Matter of fact, many people use their intelligence to be assets to nature, nurturing, patronizing, loving, worshipping even, people LOVE nature and nature LOVES people.. it's a symbiotic relationship and one that should be respected and protected.

I have a problem blaming people because that opens the mind to "holocasts". It's like George Carlin says, "The planet can take care of itself, maybe the planet wanted plastic.. we don't know the grand design.. you've got to save yourself, or as I found, asking Jesus to save me, forgive me, have mercy on me, and having the faith he would.

Ever since I was a kid, who had to clean up my room before I could go mess up something somewhere else, it bothered me tremendously to see the destruction left behind from war. I thought the military should begin cleaning up what mess they made.. even if they won. If I won playing 52 card pick up in my room, I still had to pick up whatever the loser neglected.

I've spent decades, since 1972 "saving the planet".. and I was far from alone. Where I am now I came here years ago thinking about how to live off the grid and live simply so others could simply live. Of course I know many people here that came for the same reason.. a movement started here in the early 70s..

As a granger, I've learned many animals are dependent on humans for their existance, and that goes for crops too.. like medical marijuana.. nothing really natural about that stuff, eh?

The UN Agenda 21: Sustainable Development is all about "saving the planet", and that's just a real bad way to think of people.. who are born into the technology of the time.. maybe it's our generation's cosmic job to clean up the messes from the "Spoils of the past", and perhaps technology will reward us in many ways we can not realize today."

And I do believe the planet has pole shifts and meteor collisions that drastically change the surface and eliminates life as we know it.. but that's no reason to not clean up what remains from past generations that did not think about building deconstruction into their construction plans when they went into their wars or built the mills and used toxins they didn't understand as well as we do today.