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And what if your brilliant plan doesn't work?

"The only reason I am ok with switching to a so-called "Fair" tax before then is that when everyone is taxed more or less equally, more people will realize they don't like being taxed, and you'll start to hear everyone demanding that we cut the spending."

We would have made an illegal tax, now legal and impossible to get rid of.. switching one tax for another isn't what needs to be on any agenda.. not Liberty anyway.. Getting rid of the majority of government spending should be the target.

Getting rid of illegal taxes would be the great start and would flow from closing many revenue drains.

Not sure if you're aware of this or not but MANY neocons and democraps love and I mean LOVE the idea of a national tax.. They've even stated, I believe it was Newt.. that it would increase revenue.

One would think that after being on this planet and having paid attention to how government works, they might come away with a good idea of how government works.. They will bargain and willing compromise in the form of a reduction in spending for an increase in revenue and then either use trickery to make their compromise and empty hull or sit pretty contently in knowing that now they have more money so they can just start another agency with it. So you're going to lose.

Now also.. what about the poor that are below the poverty line? Those that don't make enough to prosper and only get by.. those who don't make enough to pay taxes? To them, it's a pretty good increase no?

You essentially legitimize a tax and pervert the movements call for no tax and really any true conservatives ideological stance on lower taxes.

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