Comment: and THIS IS WHY....

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and THIS IS WHY....

...I recommended strongly that we FIGHT this battle on alternative Christian talk radio!!!

I said listen weekdays to WVCY Milwaukee's two midday programs, Worldview Weekend Radio and Crosstalk between 1pm and 3pm CENTRAL time, and CALL in!!!

Just yesterday the chief lobbyists/founder for the conservative counter to AARP(mature Americans.....whatever) was on Crosstalk and took phone calls!!!

One guy bravely called in to say Boehner is an establishment GOP fraud to conservatives, and that was after the host and this guest seemingly agreed Boehner had to "send a message of unity" after the election loss as a demonstration of LEADERSHIP!! Hah!

Guys, we need to show these guys we are a force to be reckoned with, now, sadly that caller also said he was a fan of Bachmann's Tea Party caucus; so, we could embolden that caller some more point stands....these two shows are talking our issues EVERYDAY to disgruntled Christian Republicans, and no doubt have intention on misleading them again into the left right paradigm of lesser of two evils or wolves in sheeps clothing, and taking their money and energy away from us!

I think we can spread the TRUTH here, and get their listeners in our camp....PLEASE call in and listen DAILY, I can't, they know my name and voice!!!