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Kitty Karol!

What a funny kitty carol!!!

I haven't watched snowmay clip yet. I have had a sickie at home...had to go pick him up from school Tues. went straight to doc. Doc thinks he is "coming down with something..." stomach flu maybe. He hasn't gotten sick but feels sick so he is home again today. No fever, just upset stomach and headache...Being a mom is so hard...He was getting dressed for school and started "gagging" slightly like he was going to get sick, so I told him he was staying home again. Seems to come and go.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow he'll feel good. It is hard to know what to do for I am going to turn on the 3 hours of Christmas music and start clenaing!

I am sure we will enjoy the snowman. I'll try to find some "private" time to view :)