Comment: wait a minute--

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wait a minute--

there are already several organizations (non-governmental) who are regulating gmo--

or companies that are regulating themselves--

it's quite easy to find; you have to pay more, but--

For the record, I'm not sure this isn't along the lines of warfare--

troops should be private, right? Why does the government have a military?

The constitution allows it--

GMO are a threat, but not everyone believes that--

the fact is that there are companies that are bullies, just as there are countries that are bullies, so the country isn't going to make the bullies go away--

having the 'government' involved is like asking the military to protect freedoms, when we know the military is just being used by the government/elitist bankers--

there might be people who like wars and don't think the military is needed; just let other nations attack--

why not?

It's freedom; let the other nation attack--

it's basically the same reasoning--

But it's a lie, because no nation has attacked the U.S.--

for many decades, if then--

and GMO and the companies that foster GMO are a big, international bullying business--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--