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I actually ranted about this

I actually ranted about this on FB the other day...

How a lot of RP people are really only here because they are "against monsanto" "against big govt connected banks" etc. And obviously Ron Paul is the political candidate most closly associated with these positions.

However imagine if there were a hardcore socialist canddiate (not how Fox News slanders Obama, but a guy whose platfoerm was really like Bob Avakian or someone)... And imagine that he also was against monsanto, goldman, etc. basically imagine an "Occupy Wall St" type candidate.

I get the impreszsion that a lot of current RP people would be virtually indifferent between these two views:
1) against monsanto, goldman, etc due to a principiled libertarian stance on property rights, non aggression
2) against monsanto, goldman, etc due to a complete rejection of private property and private contract

The only reason they ended up as #1 is becasue there was no really popular guy advocating #2.

And then to make matters worse, even though the reason they are attracted to RP has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with their even understanding or agreeing with his principiled defense of indivual soverignty, they claim to be "libertarian".

Uh... No you're not a libertarian. You just happen to agree with one famous libertarian on some of his conclusions. You don't actually even UNDERASTAND his libertarianism on an ideological level.