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Nonsense argument

It's not socialism for people to protect themselves, their families and their community. Independent research has shown GMO foods to cause cancer and numerous independent studies show gradual organ damage from GMO foods. By this video's logic, food producers should be allowed to *add* chronically toxic levels of organic mercury, arsenic and a myriad of other toxic substances without labeling. Or maybe their should have the "liberty" to add unlabeled pharmaceuticals to foods.

Monsanto and others are selling toxic substances as "food," using what I think is clearly fraud in their labels, polluting the environment -- including the pollution of private property, and patenting life forms. All of this with the protection of their former employees and others in the Federal Government. If the Federal Government protection racket didn't exist, GMO crops would be gone.

It's a public relations con job to use the Federal Government to actively push and protect slow poisoning, private property pollution and fraudulent labeling and then use the "liberty" movement to try and keep people from doing what they can (under the circumstances) to protect themselves and their families.

Labeling GMO on food packages is simply a way of removing fraud from existing labels that already mention soy, corn, etc. "GMO soy" is not the same as soy, but a patented substance that I cannot use like "soy" for planting (without being attacked by the government).