Comment: The problem with all GMO's

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The problem with all GMO's

is that they are fast tracked to market with no research, not testing. One day there will be a day of reckoning with this type of mentality. But we can't sue the seed companies for any thing they have their free pass from congress. The Japanese brought a gmo based food over ten years ago, the had to pull it fast many people died! Just a matter of time it happens again.

Let's just remove IP rights on life, to fix this problem! Monsanto and the other fascist companies could then no longer sue farmers for growing organics. Without the fascists I think hemp would have been a choice of farmers by now. Hemp requires no manipulation for a crop, and farmers can replant own seed. Hemp would save our precious bees from extermination!

If we require no labeling can we at least require the food to be safe before we have to eat it. All gmo's are unproven, we are the lab rats!

But hey we get our free drugs with GMO's and free pesticides built in, so eat up!

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