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I Agree

I also see genetically engineered food to be a weapon used against the populace in the guise of a benevolent food company.

That is where the problem lies. The trick of Monsanto having the interests of the people in mind... it works.
And when it doesn't work, money will buy the people who will force it to work on we the people, without our knowledge and/or consent.

Let's just say it known to the people of this nation that these GE foods are being used as a weapon and every politician up to and including the president would take immediate action against it IF it can be proven. How do we prove this? Look at the struggle against the Federal Reserve and how long it has taken to just bring its atrocities to light.

And what is the best option if it is proven to be a bioweapon attack on the people? Deploy the troops and have them rush into a food company and blow the whole thing up?
No matter how effective that is the opposition would jump at the chance to make it out to be some kind of atrocity against the free market and I'm sure the same people who have their hands in the GE food also invested plenty of money into the media...

It's going to be a LONG and DIFFICULT fight... this isn't going to be a stroll in the park.

Educate everyone, make the truth known what Monsanto and their ilk are doing, be armed with TRUTH. Arm others with this truth. The Fed, the mainstream media, the dirty politicians, and these GE food companies will all go down. We'll route them out, but we've got to do it right.