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My Answer to #21

State run schools promote blind loyalty to Government and politicians from the earliest years of our lives. The most popular organized social distractions that consume large swaths of peoples recreational time are purposefully and strategically wrapped in the American flag.
Professional organizations who promote sporting events like football games and stock car races are provided millions of dollars from the Department of Defense in return for patriotic pageantry before, during, and after events. The 2012 DoD budget provided at least 300 million dollars to The National Association for Stock Car Automobile Racing (NASCAR) for support and promotion of the US Government, specifically the Armed Forces. Funding for military “Fly Over’s” at College and Pro sporting events are also budgeted by the DoD each year. “Blind loyalty” to the State, (similar in context to “blind faith” acknowledged by many in the religious community), is used by some as an emotional coping mechanism. Devoted Americans have admitted to experiencing what is sometimes described as “Patriotism Guilt” when forced to recognize the reality that the country in which they were born and raised routinely engages in assassination, torture, and is directly responsible for the death of millions of innocent people. Knowing America is capable of such atrocities instills fear in the population and constrains American instincts which otherwise might be acted upon to challenge the Government as it descends into tyranny.

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