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Comment: Fundamentalism is the cornerstone of the Firster doctrine

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Fundamentalism is the cornerstone of the Firster doctrine

If it is true that West Point encourages fundamentalist protestantism among its officers, then it is in keeping with the "Israel First" doctrine so heavily preached in American society.

Since both critical thought and Realpolitik is in conflict with American subservience to Israel, its rationale must come from the apocalyptic doctrines that Israel is the chosen land, Israelites the chosen people, and that Jesus as the messiah cannot come until the state of Israel is born.

Now that it is here, it must be preserved and indeed strengthened until it stretches from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates river, and the non-Israelite inhabitants liquidated.

Otherwise, the Prince of Peace will never come.

Such is the doctrine of the fundamentalist Firster.

Normal rational observers may note that the modern State of Israel has more in common with the idol-worshiping, acursed Kingdom of Ahab than the righteous Kingdom of David.

But don't try that argument with a fundamentalist from West Point!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"