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No, the “Ron Paul Movement” is not Socialist. I am assuming that you are referring to everyone that supported Ron Paul’s true conservative and libertarian ideals, particularly during his 3 presidential campaigns.

I can’t say that I speak for everyone who has subscribed to most of Ron Paul’s political and fiscal market philosophies, but I, as well as my entire family, supported him during his 2012 presidential run because of his stances on strictly following our constitution and having fiscal responsibility. The United States is…should be a constitutional Republic with proper checks and balances where those elected by the people to represent the people actually follow the rules laid out in that constitution. I was not aware of Ron until this recent election, but I supported him for those stances. Ron’s philosophies (and a true constitutional Republic) encourage(s) individuality…Socialism does not. It is collectivist.

I believe that you are mistaken about what role the government should have in a Republic. I am not a political theorist, but I know that a Republic form of government should maintain a strong military for national defense and a court system. Socialism, on the other hand, allows a government to have complete control over every aspect of its citizen’s lives, from eliminating private property to choosing its citizens careers for them. Everything is done for the good of the country, as a decided by a few individuals in power. That is definitely NOT the type of government that Ron Paul advocated for America, and that is not the type of government that I still advocate for America.

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