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you're honesty too smart to

you're honesty too smart to be posting this here. This is mainly a RP grandfallooing page. You know about the mises blog, right?

This isnt to say that this forum is a complete waste of time, but i look at time i spend among "DP fanboys" as about as productive as the time I spent among the GOP while i was campaigning for RP in '08.

If i set the bar so high where i expect 100% of Daily paulers to be amendable to libertarianism (ie: anarcho capitalism, free society, private law sociery, etc) I will end up getting just as frustruated as if i expected to roll into a GOP meetup and have everyone agreeing with me on RP over Giuliani and McCain.

Accept that when you go into a mainstream DP forum as an ancap you're basically fighting against the same type of ideological ineertia, hostility, and group-think grandfallooning as when you walk into a GOP event as a RP supporter.

You may get a few upvotes here and there and find other ancaps around, and possibly even help a few people who are close to really hit that "a-ha" moment where they get it. but 90% are probably not worth stressing over one way or another.