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It better work

I believe the liberty message is one that most people can embrace regardless of party or background, but it can be a difficult transition and I am thankful for Rand Paul and his efforts which ARE making it easier for many to make that transition. We're active in our local liberty group that hosts educational events for the public each month, and I can tell you the elderly (the group Ron Paul received the least support from) really like Rand.

I am often critical of Glenn Beck, but I have to admit that his program was part of the process that got me where I am now; a supporter of Ron Paul. We are not all going to agree on everything, but those who are mindful of the Constitution can find agreement and therefore personal happiness. Remember that Ron Paul has been willing to work with anyone when agreement is found.

I have no problem with liberty-minded people being critical of anyone (including other liberty-minded people like Rand) when, in our opinion, they fail to adhere to the principals we generally share, but I wish the same people would be willing to dish out the credit as freely. Do what you want to do, but I don't think it is helping the cause.

There is a liberty movement in America and I want it to succeed. I would suggest we follow Ron Paul's lead and look for agreement, because waiting for opportunities to beat up on (like it or not) the people who are out in front of this movement is only going to close your mind to discussion and ideas - and that has always been the primary obstacle.