Comment: Let's target Boehner

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Let's target Boehner

Let's target Boehner for defeat in 2014. Start a PAC, have a couple of money bombs and find a strong REAL republican to replace Boehner. If you will remember, Tom Foley was Speaker of the House from Washington State and the good folks in his congressional district had enough of him and voted him out. Yes, a sitting Speaker of the House was ousted. It can be done and once again should be done. Let's get it done. Let's show the Gross Old People (GOP) leadership there is a price to pay for being rats. They obviously did not learn their lesson last month when the GOP got its ass handed to it. After Boehner's Tampa teleprompter treason, lets toss him onto the ash heap of history and destroy his legacy and place in history. Let's ensure that when he passes, he will forever be remembered a failed and corrupt rat.