Comment: Molten metal flow.

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Molten metal flow.

Typically, conspiracy videos do not show the lower potion of the molten metal flowing from the South Tower.
It is a fact molten aluminum, when heated to temperatures well above it's melting point, will show orange yellow color. It will quickly cool when poured, turning to silver grey. Steel, on the other hand, will not cool as quickly as aluminum, and will turn black when cooled.
A careful study of raw video shows the flowing metal turning to a silver grey color after falling a few floors. Start at 15:57 here:, and a clear photo in the next link.
Additionally, an interesting study was conducted by Enrico Manieri, and published in, regarding the Universal Power Source installed on the 81st floor.
To claim the flow is molten steel and fail to present this vital information is sloppy at best, and patently misleading.

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