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Comment: You trust *Wikipedia's* definition above all else??

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You trust *Wikipedia's* definition above all else??

Wikipedia is notorious for getting things wrong, since it's put together by anyone who wants to contribute.

"Government" does not equal socialism. Socialism is a form of government, just like communism or a democracy or a republican.

Basically, having a government military, public court and a public police force is hardly all it takes for a government to be socialist, anymore than it makes someone with two eyes, two ears and a mouth an Asian. You kinda need to know what makes each form distinct from all of the other forms of government.

I need to study socialism more, but the way I understand socialism is that the government takes over lots of roles that are ordinarily private: it gets involved in the market just like a merchant would, taking over the merchant's role; it raises children, educates and teaches them values, becoming the parent in place of the original parents (sending the parents into the work force); it becomes the primary form of charity, replacing churches and spontaneous charitable organizations; it dictates medicine, becoming the doctor. It tries to become all things to all people, in trade for the people's freedom to makes choices contrary to the government's wishes, and in trade for these people being capable of caring for themselves or their own. These are ways in which socialism is distinct from other forms of government.

Basically, we are living in a socialist society, even a near-communist society. (I'll need to figure out the difference between socialism and communism). That doesn't mean that the RP movement itself, which advocates that parents take responsibility for their children, that the individuals take charge of their own health and of their own resources, that businesses and customers are in charge of the economy, etc, is socialist.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine