Comment: You Can't Defend Liberty Without Law

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You Can't Defend Liberty Without Law

Police, courts, military and laws are the only thing that defend the individual liberty of a minority. Without it, there's no defense of liberty and all our talk about the non-aggression principle is moot. Without law enforcement, or even law, then acts of aggression would not be "illegal" and individuals would then have no rights. Nobody would have any rights outside of their own opinion. This is not the defense of liberty or in support of the non-aggression principle, this is the opposite. To somehow suggest these tools are anti-liberty is as nonsensical as saying guns are anti-liberty. They're not. It's in how their being used by a dumb society. Our job is educate those around us ( no matter how they infuriate us LOL) and elect moral and principled leaders (like Rand Paul) to change the nature of government.

This is not an overnight fix!

BTW, I still support the idea that everything is supported via donations, tarrifs or any other usury fees. This certainly won't happen in our lifetimes unless the entire thing collapses..