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"I would love to understand what this means, as you are wiser than me."

If you reach the goal of understanding something, if it is at all possible, then it may be a good idea to avoid making baseless assumptions.

Baseless assumptions can be illustrated as such: You, or someone else diving into the baseless assumption business, goes to Las Vegas and bets everything they have, the farm, their accounts full of Federal Reserve Notes, the shirt off their back, their left arm, a kidney too.

What are you betting on, in this baseless assumption business?

Back to the illustration in las Vegas: being the highly intelligent person that you are, exemplified by your current gambling bet (hypothetical illustration mind you) you bet on the end of the world happening this month, long odds, but those people in Vegas will take any bet, and they will take this one in particular.

You bet everything you have on the world ending this month, and by God you are going to collect if you win, you will be rich beyond measure.

To me, maybe not to you, that is a hypothetical illustration of someone making the baseless assumptions that you have so far made in this Topic published in English.

If you want to call a bad thing done by bad people something, a name of some kind, then please consider an accurate name for it, so as to leave less room for more baseless assumptions.

What is it, exactly, that makes what someone else has done, in your accurate judgement, bad?

If you are in the finger pointing business, please consider being more accurate about it.

Or not, it isn't really my business.