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Well, Ron Paul voted for

Well, Ron Paul voted for President Bush in 2000 when he ran against Gore. From a liberty perspective I will vote for people who're much closer to my view than further away. Take Rand Paul and then compare him to Mitt Romney or John McCain to see this difference.

The candidate you and I want, virtually does not exist because he's retiring. So I'm going to find people who're closer to ALL of my views. The reason I support Rand is because he's willing to cut both military and welfare spending and NOT raise taxes. I also think he inherently wants us to stop policing the world, but knows that will be a later phase. Unlike his father he's politically savvy. There was a time when I wanted someone pure like Ron Paul. But now I want to trick the people who build the chains around our legs. Yes, I have nothing against tricking them into voting for a libertarian. If they can support such liberty violating policies, why should I have any sympathy for them? Why should the liberty candidates not take advantage of their stupidity? The tyrants do, so we must.

BTW, I'm not implying you're wrong. I'm just stating my views and where I differ. We have lots of different flavors within the liberty movement.