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I must submit...

I was at this meeting, and also at the meeting in Snohomish the previous week, and we did not have the numbers.

Yeah, the GOP is corrupt, they suck, and deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

But to be honest, our numbers were lacking.

The sad part is that in BOTH meetings, we were not "hopelessly outnumbered". That's the sad part. In Snohomish if we had just a few ore people, we could have had a vote for an honest an open count instead of KCGOP minions counting ballots in some "secret room" somewhere.

Looking at the vote counts in King County, the Sotelo faction did not have as much a majority as you could expect. In fact their majority was slim enough to scare them.

So, while we have to wrestle with the fact that the Obamanoids are a cult of sorts, I am seeing evidence that the Ron Paul movement is a bit cultish too, since his retirement and the presidential run being in our past has certainly kept his supporters from showing up.

I was there, because I have been supporting Ron Paul's IDEALS since 1999. The people who were with me are the die-hards - people who have stood up for liberty before MOST of the RP "fans" even knew who he was. Back in 2007 we were making "Ron Paul 2008" bumper stickers out of paper and taping them into the back windows of our cars, or writing with wax "Who is Ron Paul" on those windows (also "Google Ron Paul").

So there is no doubt the GOP is corrupt, but the RP "fans" sat this one out too. So much for liberty. I can understand how is seems there is no "political solution" and I feel that way too, but total warfare is fought on every front, and this was one front from which our soldiers deserted.