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I think getting rid of public

I think getting rid of public education is a non-starter, and our efforts are better put elsewhere. In the realm of education, this is 1) stopping a national curriculum and 2) free states from having federal school money dangling to get the states to agree to everything the government says.

I see this a lot in my old school district. It was a pretty good system, I was generally happy with the education I got. But I can tell you for sure that everything that I did not like about it-- the teachers who didn't teach, the obsession with meting the 180 day school requirement to the detriment of real learning, excessive testing, etc. -- are all things that the district had very little control over. I blame not only (or even primarily) the federal government but actually the state government, which in terms of education has way too much to say. I think this holds true in many states, particularly in states such as New York, Texas, and California.